Finding a Natural Life After Your “Encounter”

alba sosewEveryone who has ever had an encounter would probably tell you that in some way, shape or form, their lives have changed. Their beliefs and convictions might have been fueled or dented at some level.

Although not everyone gets the chance to have an encounter and to those who have gone through this experience, some tend to want it more and would even pursue the career of a paranormal investigator or even a psychic. Some, unfortunately become somewhat damaged and it is known that it can be difficult to get back to one’s feet after such experiences. Here you have to rebuild and go back to your roots and do something much simpler to relax someone’s mind and one of those activities is sewing.

There are lots of tools involved in sewing and you can never really do it proficiently or efficiently if you do not have the essentials so here they are;

First, unless you wish to go for hand sewing, you need a sewing machine. It is pretty self explanatory and you should know why you need one if you want to start sewing.

Pins and pin cushions – you are going to need a lot of pins, that’s for sure. Basically, you are going to use it to keep things together while you sew. Make sure you do not sew over pins because it can cause injury and break needles of your machine. Pin cushions is used to keep them all together in one place.

Seam ripper – you will make mistakes with your project towards your recovery, its guaranteed. This tool will help you fix those mistakes. It will not fix them all but minor ones can easily be taken care of.

Needles – depending on your project, you will need a specific type of needle. You will also see on the manual of your sewing machine on what type of needles you should be using. Expect your needle to
break at times, so you can never go wrong if you buy a box of different types just to make sure you are prepared for broken needles.

Sewing needles – some projects will require you to do hand sewing. So keep this in stock just in case.

Fabric shears – these are designed to cut fabric, do not cut paper with it. in fact, do not cut anything with them but fabric. If you are a precision freak, then you should invest on a much expensive pair of shears because in this world, you get what you pay for. But again, if you are just starting out, you do not have shell out about $50 for a professional grade pair of shears, because that is just too much.

Measuring tape – there is no way you can start sewing without this. You will be using it more often than not so make sure you buy a quality measuring tape.

Bobbins – make sure you have empty ones in reserve to make it easier for you to change thread colors.

All purpose threads – white is imperative to have in stock. Once you get more and more experience, you might come up with the need for specialty threads. But if you are just starting out, having all purpose ones will do you just fine.

Of course you’ll need to start by having a sewing machine. Find the best machine for your needs by researching before buying. A highly recommended brand is Singer sewing machines and Janome sewing machines.

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