Clean Up After a Paranormal Encounter: The Pet Hair Problem

alba paranormalThere had been reports of different kinds of paranormal encounters. Some very mild that can be described as something like a simple conversation but you just cannot see who you are talking to. There are also some encounters where it involves apparition and manifestation in the surrounding areas and objects. But if it goes to the extreme where it rattles everyone in the room, objects lying around and on top of that, knowing that animals are extra sensitive to these invisible forces and more likely to be affected then there will be fur that will be shed all over the place and it’s sometimes up to the owner to take care of it. Depending on the mess it made, you might need a specific machine to clean this all up.

Here are some suggestions:

Bissell Power Glide Pet Vacuum – this vacuum, in particular, comes with the manufacturer’s, lift-off technology. It will be provided with an easy-to-store solution for your vacuum cleaner, making it easy to move around furniture and the house in general. This vacuum is lightweight and will clean most types of surfaces around the house while you are easily managing the constant suction levels. If you have sensitive children around, allergens will be kept at bay because of its multi-level filtration system. It also has a built-in system. A similar product is the Shark Navigator Vacuum.

Pet Turbo Eraser – can be easily detached and with its rotating brush which was designed mainly to draw and eliminate your pet’s hair off of your furniture and carpet. This model’s maneuverability is its selling point and has made the manufacturer, Bissell, a top seller and been getting a lot of good reviews.

Panasonic Jet Force Bagless Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner – as the name states, Panasonic, which is a known manufacturer of modern electronics, has incorporated the Jet Force technology in this vacuum on if its bagless capabilities. With those two features combined, this vacuum by Panasonic can easily maintain high suction levels. All because of the vacuum’s nine times cyclonic power.

In layman’s terms, this vacuum cleaner uses 9 cylinders for multiple cyclonic dirt, dust, and fur extraction and in turn, it blows out much cleaner air that is allergen-friendly for people around the house who has the tendency to trigger an allergy from dust and animal fur. All offer superb cleaning experience and performance. The cup of the machine minimizes the possibility of the filter from getting clogged up by any kinds of debris and especially hair. With its power, you can easily remove those debris, dust and fur because it compresses them as it gets inside the machine. Also, both cup and filter are easily washable.

These are just the two top vacuum cleaners that you can use after a paranormal encounter with spirits or ghosts. So next time it happens you will be prepared to pet’s hair, dust, and debris that your tiny little-furred ones will produce.

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